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Remote/Silent Install Issue

HIKAG - Michael

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I had a customers computer stolen from me. I didn't have Pulseway Installed. However, I did have CCleaner Cloud installed. CCleaner Cloud allows remote install of .MSI. I made a custom .MSI file with the help of the support team. It has all my creds and server info and doesn't install the icons. This is perfect. My only problem, and this is testing on a local machine before full perfection, is that the "PC Monitor" service doesn't automatically start after install. So how do I gain control. Is there something in the MSI i can edit to auto start the service?

If I can, I can view the webcam and help police identify the user who stole my laptop.

Please help!!



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Hi Michael,

If you do modify a MSI to contain your credentials and server name then the service should start up automatically after installation. Can you PM me your modified MSI so I can test it on a VM?


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