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Headless unix VBox snapshot creation.


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Just in case if anyone interested, I'm sharing my script that support Unix headless Virtual Box snapshot creation.


I have two VirtualBox machine (Linux, Win10) and both are running under different username.

Since, pulseway is running under root privilege, I should use su to virtualbox user and pass the specific command to shell.

Please update as needed.



NOW=`date +"%m-%d-%Y-%T"`

su -l "vboxusername" -c "/usr/bin/VBoxManage snapshot Linux take "$SNAPSHOT_NAME_Linux" --description "$SNAPSHOT_DESCRIPTION"" &
su -l "vboxusername" -c "/usr/bin/VBoxManage snapshot Win10 take "$SNAPSHOT_NAME_Win10" --description "$SNAPSHOT_DESCRIPTION"" &

exit 0

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