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  1. Just in case if anyone interested, I'm sharing my script that support Unix headless Virtual Box snapshot creation. I have two VirtualBox machine (Linux, Win10) and both are running under different username. Since, pulseway is running under root privilege, I should use su to virtualbox user and pass the specific command to shell. Please update as needed. Thanks --------------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash NOW=`date +"%m-%d-%Y-%T"` SNAPSHOT_NAME_Linux="Linux_$NOW" SNAPSHOT_NAME_Win10="Win10_$NOW" SNAPSHOT_DESCRIPTION="Snapshot taken on $NOW" su -l "vboxusername" -c "/usr/bin/VBoxManage snapshot Linux take "$SNAPSHOT_NAME_Linux" --description "$SNAPSHOT_DESCRIPTION"" & su -l "vboxusername" -c "/usr/bin/VBoxManage snapshot Win10 take "$SNAPSHOT_NAME_Win10" --description "$SNAPSHOT_DESCRIPTION"" & exit 0
  2. And, some modification with status update email. #!/bin/bash tmpfile=$( /bin/mktemp -t ) from= xxx@xxxx.xxx to= yyy@yyyy.yyy /bin/echo return-path: $to >> $tmpfile /bin/echo for: $to >> $tmpfile /bin/echo from: $from >> $tmpfile /bin/echo to: $to >> $tmpfile /bin/echo subject: Ubuntu Update Pulseway Script Status >> $tmpfile /bin/echo Message: >> $tmpfile /bin/echo >> $tmpfile /bin/echo APT-GET Update was run: $( /bin/date +%c ) >> $tmpfile /bin/echo >> $tmpfile /bin/echo -n "Result: " >> $tmpfile /usr/bin/apt-get -qy update > /dev/null /usr/bin/apt-get -qy dist-upgrade | grep -i installed >> $tmpfile /bin/echo >> $tmpfile /bin/cat $tmpfile | sendmail -t /bin/rm $tmpfile exit 0
  3. aisledotnet

    Ubuntu update

    Hi, maybe this is too simple but I'm using for my Ubuntu machine update. Just in case, somebody who also need like me. #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/apt-get -qy update > /dev/null /usr/bin/apt-get -qy dist-upgrade > /dev/null exit 0
  4. I found the issue. It was dropped by our IPS rule. I just whitelist *.pulseway.com also in IPS and works like charm. Thanks for your help.
  5. Yes, I allow outbound 443 and set rule and even I set the rule for "Skip SSL decryption, don't filter content, allow all" for *.pulseway.com But, still I have connection error for remote connect. Do you have any server other than *.pulseway.com? like IP range or aws? Because, I saw some drop packet that from Amazon AWS. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have an error message when try to connect the systems behind a Corporate firewall. (see message capture). But, any system that has public IP, it works perfect. Do I need to open specific port for this service at firewall? or allow traffic from specific network? Thanks
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