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Hi :)

First of all, great job!! These are the kind of apps that keep me going on in my work :)

I was wondering, If I buy a 25 PC subscription and after a month I need to manage other 20 PCs (45 PCs in total) what can I do? do I have to buy another 25 PC subscription or a 50 PC subscription?

Also, do the two subscriptions make a sum of PCs? ex. 25 + 50, 75 PC?.

Sorry for my english (I'm writing from Italy, Rome) Hope it is not too confusing :)

Thank you for your time.


Keep up the good work!

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Hi Daniele,

Thank you for your support, really glad you find our solution useful.

You can get a 25 PC's subscription and you can upgrade later to 50 PC's by getting another 25 PC's subscription. If you know that you are going to need 45 it's better to get the 50 PC's subscription from the start.


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