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Scripts for MacOS


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I only have Macs in our office and while I find Pulseway invaluable, I am also wishing for more control of my systems. There are many Unix commands that work on the Mac, but I cannot seem to get them to work using the BASH script. I do not need a lot of the very fine features provided to the Windows systems, but simple commands to the Terminal would be great. As I review the forums, I see there are not many Mac only users here, but there must be some significant number of us for you to have a Mac product, so hoping I am not the only one wishing for command line controls in scripting rather than just sending one command at a time in the Terminal window.

Thanks for providing a great product for the Mac office. But like most users, I am always looking for more!

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Hi Fernando,

Unfortunately it is not possible to run the automated tasks on the MAC systems at this time, therefore there is no script for this.

Also, the other factor is, that all this information is encrypted on your mac system.

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