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  1. I only have Macs in our office and while I find Pulseway invaluable, I am also wishing for more control of my systems. There are many Unix commands that work on the Mac, but I cannot seem to get them to work using the BASH script. I do not need a lot of the very fine features provided to the Windows systems, but simple commands to the Terminal would be great. As I review the forums, I see there are not many Mac only users here, but there must be some significant number of us for you to have a Mac product, so hoping I am not the only one wishing for command line controls in scripting rather than just sending one command at a time in the Terminal window. Thanks for providing a great product for the Mac office. But like most users, I am always looking for more!
  2. I have been searching for a way to have my Mac Pro running 4D Server app notify me if the server app has "hung" or crashed outright. I am not a programmer, but simply a small business owner trying to stay on top of the systems we have. Having stumbled into Pulseway this week, I am so far impressed with its capabilities. It looks just like what I need! However, I could not find a way to tell it to notify me if my database app runs into trouble. The physical machine is extremely stable, but I am grateful for the notifications that Pulseway offers in terms of dismounting volumes, failing drives, etc. My one last need is to be notified if the server application hangs or crashes. I have identified the app in the Notifications/Applications panel: Send a notification when an application is closed. I then picked the 4D Server.app from the list. However, I was hoping there was a way to build a script that would let me know if the server was still up, but not responding. But not a programmer, like I said. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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