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I've been using PC Monitor since 5 computers could be monitored for free and this has served me well. PC Monitor is really great.

I intend to replace 1 of them since I got my sister a new computer, but I'm not sure I will be be able to add the new machine once I remove 1 of the 5 in use.

Will the new 3 machines limit be applied or old users still get 5?

By the way, I would like to suggest a "light" subscription of up to 7 or 8 machines. That would cover most of the tech guys family needs (wife, sons/daughters, brothers/sisters, parents..)



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You will still have 5 - even when we decreased the number of free computers all the existing accounts kept the limit that was in effect when the accounts were created.

As for the "light" subscription, we will address this soon, thank you for the suggestion.

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