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  1. Forgot about that, tks Marius.
  2. Hi Marius, Should it be visible if I have tasks scheduled as "one time only" set to the past? That's usefull when I wish to manually rerun a task.
  3. There was a way of executing scheduled jobs, but I can't find it anymore. Has it been removed?
  4. Hello, I've been using PC Monitor since 5 computers could be monitored for free and this has served me well. PC Monitor is really great. I intend to replace 1 of them since I got my sister a new computer, but I'm not sure I will be be able to add the new machine once I remove 1 of the 5 in use. Will the new 3 machines limit be applied or old users still get 5? By the way, I would like to suggest a "light" subscription of up to 7 or 8 machines. That would cover most of the tech guys family needs (wife, sons/daughters, brothers/sisters, parents..) Regards, Gilson
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