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Pulseway Getting Less Mobile

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The main great idea with pulseway was to be able support customers from the mobile phone.

It seems more features have to be run from the website rather than the app.


I have a script that i need to run on all computers in a group. Can we not have the option to view and run scripts from group level in the mobile app. We can do this when we go down to computer level. Its a pain having to setup a scope online, then create a task to run it.

And the same with a group terminal. I know you can create script but sometime us engineers just need to run a command for all computers in a group. Can you not setup the terminal and powershell option in the groups please

Also would be really good if we could install your AV from computer level in the mobile app. Again stops me having to login online and do it that way.

Look forward to your response.



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Hi Phil,

Thank you for your feedback. We're trying to make things easier by implementing some features on the mobile app as well (Scope editing is now available on iOS and it's coming for Android too). Running scripts per group is on our todo list so we'll be adding this but group terminal is going to be tricky because you will want to see the output for that command as well. We'll investigate what are the implications for that.

More AV control from the mobile app is also coming, install, uninstall, change policy and browse active events for individual machines.


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