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Jimmy Harden

PSA - Integration with RMM

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place guys - I couldn't find a dedicated area to your PSA application so figured I'd stick to the general enquiries.

Is anyone able to clearly tell me how Pulseway's new PSA solution integrates with RMM?

As far as I can tell, so far all that happens is tickets can be automatically raised by RMM notifications. Haven't done a deep dive yet, but I can't even see where a ticket would be raised against a particular enduser/client/company?

Is there any other functionality available that I'm not seeing? Appreciating the solution is new, I feel like there is a heap of potential here that hasn't yet been unlocked. For example, it would be amazing (and I'd say nigh on required) that the hardware/software information gathered by the RMM is synced with the PSA...

I know I sound critical, but the RMM feels AMAZING compared to anything else on the market, the PSA seems fully featured...yeah, we'd love to convert but need to know where the downsides are before making the switch.


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Hi Jimmy,

Welcome to the Pulseway community. We don't have a way of linking tickets to PSA CRM accounts at this moment however I have a confirmation from the development team that this is coming up in the next release by allowing you to assign hardware assets to the CRM accounts and whenever tickets are created by the RMM integration we will use the details from the hardware asset. Basic hardware information is synchronized already.


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