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Getting notifications for servers I'm not managing

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We have 55 machines that are being monitored by pulseway for various things.  Of the 55 I am only responsible for about 36 of them.  In my system tray it only shows the 36 I'm managing, however I still get notifications for the other servers and another member of our team that is managing the other half still gets notifications when my machines go down.  How can we make it so that we are not getting notifications for each others servers?


Aaron Trujillo

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That is my thought also.  Let me give some context to the situation.  (I came into this with most of it already set up) So there are 7 user accounts, the first one is pulseway.agent.  The other 6 user accounts are associated with this pulseway.agent (we have to select pulseway.agent, then our account, then we can edit our systems to manage) I wonder if, because we are associated with pulseway.agent (who is monitoring all systems) we are getting all notifications regardless of what our account is monitoring?

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Hi everyone,

Are you referring to the Windows Metro app? Did you login with that app to the account that holds the other 19 systems? Once you login with the app to an account it registers as a monitoring device. Until you delete it from that account, you will receive PUSH notifications for that account even if you logoff and login with a new account.


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