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4.9 - New Features?

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IOS app updated to 4.9 today.  The server apps did so a few days ago.  I noticed the extra features described on the server apps first, but couldn't see any trace of settings or config for them in the application.

In IOS we now have a "Tasks" icon on the main toolbar.  And in it some sample automation tasks, and some sample reports.   But I can't see any way of adding or changing either.  And I don't even mean radical changes, even what surely are intended ones .... reports->templates->sample: Update for All systems.

Although there's a "Parameters" item listed of 4 weeks data, you can't change it.  Its the same for all the reports and automation tasks.  Really odd.

So go on, what am I missing, which piece of the jigsaw is down the back of the sofa?

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Cheers, that'll teach me for only spending 10 :)

Looks like it needs a bit more work.  I mean it's pretty good, but need more detail on the errors.  For exmaple, take the Uptime template and modify it to run for 16 weeks.   It won't run and you'll get an error, but the error doesn't help with correcting the mistake.

Still always good to add new features.

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