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Error in XML Document


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Hi guys,

something strange has happened. I had to change a broken HDD on an acer laptop. Everything went ok, I also had a ghost image of the previous HDD so the laptop is working fine.

When checking the client form my windows dashboard I run into a "Error in XML Document (1, xxx). The strange thing is that I've checked the pc monitor config right on the laptop and everything seems fine (I also get alerts). So what I did is to uninstall PC Monitor and re-install it. Import a new configuration to try and overwrite the existing one.. but nothing only for this client I keep getting the same error when trying to read its configuration from the dashboard..

Any clue?

Thanks Daniele

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So you are getting this error when trying to edit the computer settings using the dashboard, right? Can you please export that config (without the account info) and send it to us by email?

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