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When trying to install the Pulseway manager 4.8.2 today on a number of PC's and received the following error:

The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message. .... (see attached screen shot for reset of the message).

I'm new to Pulseway, having just installed an Enterprise Server instance (version 4.8) so am unsure whether this is a bug, or a deployment or newbie issue.  I only just noticed that the agent version on your website is 4.8.2 and I'm assuming that our server is 4.8, given that I can still install the 4.8 agent without error.

So with this error occurring using 4.8.2, do I need to upgrade the server, or is this minor version incompatibility a bug? 



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  • Administrators

This is an issue that affects only the Manager and we are planning to release a server update today that will resolve it.

The agent is unaffected - you can start the Pulseway service once you entered the right credentials and it will still work.

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Is there any documentation, or can you summarise the update procedure for the server and clients.  In my example above, will the server automatically updates, and when it does, it updates the clients.  What is the schedule for the clients to be updated? 

Thanks in advance.

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  • Staff

Hi Simon,

If you have a SaaS Enterprise server then the server is already up to date however if you host your own enterprise server it should automatically check for updates every 36 hours. Restart the Pulseway Server Update service and check the C:\Logs folder for update status updates.


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