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James Ortega

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Hello All,

I have PC monitor installed on a home system and the remote app on Android. I'd like to be notified when Windows goes into battery mode via UPS. I want to receive a notification that it's on UPS and how much battery power is remaining. I'm not using the Parachute suite. I didn't want the overhead of another app. Is it a service that I have to tell PC monitor to alert me too once the service changes conditions?

Thanks for your time & attention..

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PC Monitor doesn't support UPS monitoring at this time, however I think it will only be posible only if the UPS manufacturer provides you a third party application that monitors the status and writes events in Windows Event Log or in a file.

Then you can use PCM to read the log file or sent it to your email.

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Depends...Windows has had a power management API since Win 98. Some, like APC, actually support it with some models. Virtually every notebook uses Windows API for power management, for that matter, even if they supplement it with proprietary stuff.

But, like Paul says, simulate a power failure and look in the Event logs; Windows power API writes events to it, and so do most 3rd parties I know of.

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I do agree that half the time I don't install UPS monitoring software. Windows 2008 and above handles it perfectly on it's own.

There are two ways to do this currently - although I'm sure PCM will have this future eventually.

  1. One could create a plugin I guess, an example: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms704147(v=vs.85).aspx
  2. You could use a powershell script to get the status, write an event log with the status should it fall below a certain percent and then report on that.

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