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Service cannot be started


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The service ran fine until a couple of months ago, but I did not notice that it had stopped working until recently.


I thought the issue may have been related to the name changing from PC Monitor to Pulseway so I first tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application, but the installer failed stating that a step that could not be completed. I then searched for and removed files and registry entries relating to PC Monitor, PCMonitor, Pulseway, and MMSoft and was able to reinstall the application.


After entering my account details, I am able to validate my account but the service still will not start.


Here are the lines in trace.log:


7/21/2015, 17:22:35.103: [service] Pulseway Service ver. 4.7.6 build 704 is starting...

7/21/2015, 17:22:35.107: [service] Copyright © 2015 MMSOFT Design Ltd. All rights reserved.
7/21/2015, 17:22:35.111: [service] Increasing process priority to AboveNormal...
7/21/2015, 17:22:35.118: [service] Account not configured, the service will not start.
7/21/2015, 17:22:35.128: [service] Service is stopping...
7/21/2015, 17:22:35.146: [service] [Module Downloader] Closed
7/21/2015, 17:22:35.170: [service] Service stopped.
If I close and reopen the application, the username and password fields have been cleared.
Any ideas on how to resolve?
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Welcome to the Pulseway community. Do you enforce by any chance the operating system to use only FIPS compliant encryption algorithms? If so, you will need to disable that policy in order to use Pulseway.




Pulseway Support

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