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"Screens" on Android only showing 1 "Active" screen when there is two.


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In the Android app, when I go to "Screens" - "View available screens". After it quickly goes through the "loading screens" it pops up with just 1 screen as "Active" even though the computer has dual screens and both are being used. The second screen is set with the extend my display option in Windows 8.1 Pro and on the computer it is working fine as an extended desktop. How do I get it so I can get screen images of the second screen through the app? Do I have to change something in the Pulseway Manager app? Considering it's labled "Screens"-plural and attempts to load more than one screen when used I'm assuming it's intended to allow visibility for more than just the primary screen. 



Mike K.

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  • Staff

Hi Mike,


The windows agent will only show the primary screen. Support for multiple screens on the windows agent screen view feature is planned.




Pulseway Support

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