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  1. What's the status on being able to brand the agent? We are an IT MSP and would love to deploy Pulseway and utilize it for all of our clients. The only thing keeping us from pulling the trigger is not being able to deploy the agent with our company branding (icon/name). You should already understand the importance of being able to brand the agent as a trusted MSP for our for clients so I won't get into that, but hopefully you feel the loss of business in this niche is substantial enough to make the feature available sooner than later. Your missing out on a HUGE piece of pie by not being a viable option for the MSP/reseller market that do the majority of IT support without this functionality. I'm actually quite shocked you didn't target and address this from the get go as it would do wonders for you and fits your product/service model to a T.
  2. I need to know how this problem was resolved. Having same issue. I have a computer that gives the notification that the space on an external drive (E drive) I plugged in is below 20%. I have no notification set for that drive, only for the C drive which was set to notify at 15%. I've tried clearing all HDD notifications and restarting, no change. I still get the notification for the 20% on the E drive no matter what I do. Talk about a way to drive somebody crazy.
  3. In the Android app, when I go to "Screens" - "View available screens". After it quickly goes through the "loading screens" it pops up with just 1 screen as "Active" even though the computer has dual screens and both are being used. The second screen is set with the extend my display option in Windows 8.1 Pro and on the computer it is working fine as an extended desktop. How do I get it so I can get screen images of the second screen through the app? Do I have to change something in the Pulseway Manager app? Considering it's labled "Screens"-plural and attempts to load more than one screen when used I'm assuming it's intended to allow visibility for more than just the primary screen. Thanks, Mike K.
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