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Windows interface needs improvement. Scrollbar is just too thin!


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I signed up for a free trial a couple of hours ago, and the iOS app seems great (but for a couple of bugs), but the Windows browser based interface is just awful .   The scroll bar is exactly 6 pixels wide which is so thin that I can't hit it accurately.   The normal browser scrollbar is 20 inches wide (IE and Google chrome), so you made it 70% thinner for no good reason.   Making things worse, the space bar and the down/up arrows can't be used to scroll the window either.   After playing with it for about 10 minutes, I just gave up.  This is just poor interface design.   It seems that you concentrate on mobile apps, but the Windows interface could really use some work.  I use a 14" screen with 1920x1080 resolution if that matters. 

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I meant to write 20 "pixels" wide not 20 "inches" wide.  

BTW, the iOS app is really great.     The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the login to console.   It just shows the ctrl+alt+del screen on the managed Windows computer and nothing happens on the iOS app.    I can now see that I might not even need to use the web interface!

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