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Add Windows RDP to Pulsway RDC

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We think it would be a very nice feature to add RDP to your Remote Desktop Client Desktop App.

We mostly use Azure VMs, and here RDP is enabled by default using a custom TCP port.


It could be configured on the managed deviced like this.


Add Windows RDP to Pulseway Remote Desktop Client
[ ] no
[x] yes


Connect to RDP through
[x] public ip
[ ] other ip/dns: ________________


Use custom TCP port
[ ] no - use default 3389
[x] yes - port: ________________


Of course it could be done with VNC and other common remote tools too.

Some options could maybe be discovered by the pulseway client itself - like Teamviewer ID.



Best Regards,

Martin Stevnhoved

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  • Staff

Hi Martin,


This is a good idea, but until this is implemented you can use the Pulseway Dashboard to achieve what you asked. From the Dashboard settings page you can enable windows RDP and you'll have to option to connect with Pulseway RD and RDP (which you can configure to connect to a custom port).




Pulseway Support

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I see ... I wasn't aware.

We are only using the Dashboard for a displayscreen.

On our desktops we are using the Win8 Mobile App, and are looking into the Remote Desktop Client.

I think it would be best if the portnumber was configuret on the device.

Edited by Martin Stevnhoved
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