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Been using pulseway for a a few years now and I like but But im trying to stream line a feature as my staff has grown ect


We use repairshopr to manage tickets and work flow and they have a very nice leads system. Basically email comes into leads yours notified you convert it to a ticket ect.


I am trying to find away to get ONLY the request support notification to email so that this will generate a lead. But i do not want disable all other notifications to do this.


Any recommendations?

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I'd check to see if repairshopr can setup rules for incoming emails so that it will only create a ticket if the received email matches the filter you setup. This way you could check to see if the message body contains "support" and this will prevent other emails from triggering tickets. If the ticketing software doesn't support filters, maybe you can setup in your email server a filter that if an incoming email contains the support keyword in it's body to forward it to a different email address that will only contain support requests and have the ticketing software monitor that mailbox.




Pulseway Support

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