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We use pulseway for monitoring servers and workstations, but there is a risk that the support employees do push an update to servers.

In the Dashboard applications there was a option to make those groups unseen, can't this be done in the Windows 8.1 app?

Or even nicer, to make them visible but make those blocked for pushing instructions to certain groups.

This wil make it much more usefull as also a support departments can use it safely to monitor and still cant do anything on the server itself.


Kind regards,

Remko Kamp

ITea Solutions

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Hi Remko,


You can use the Pulseway Manager app -> Manage Devices to define access policies for each device.

In this way you can block the access on certain systems from specific mobile devices.


With an Enterprise Server, this can also be done by creating user accounts and grant access to only certain systems that are monitored using a system account - this can be done using the Associated Accounts feature. 


You can find more info about these two methods in this blog:



Hope this helps.


Best Regards,


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Hi Marius,


I will try this.

We doesnt have an enterprise server but will look at the option in the Manager app.


Will there be an option in future version to create more user accounts? That wil be a great option...


Kind regards,


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