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TLS support (for emails sent by Pulseway)


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My host disabled SSL completely not long ago due to the security issues that have come to light recently. Ironically, in doing so, they have reduced security in some ways. Any client that does not support TLS must not use any encryption at all. This is the case with Pulseway; I have the choice either to use SSL (which will not work, as I mentioned), or plaintext.


I didn't see TLS mentioned on the Roadmap. Would you please consider it?

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That's strange. If it falls back to TLS, it should work; but it doesn't work. It simply times out. I'm manually changing it to use port 465, which is what the server expects. I can only get it to work on port 25 with the SSL option disabled.

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Pulseway doesn't accept non valid SSL certificates to prevent identity theft. You have the following options:

  1. You have a trusted certificated authority sign your server's SSL certificate;
  2. Don't use SSL encryption for Pulseway's File Browser feature;
  3. Locally add the root CA (or the certificate if the SSL certificate doesn't have a self signed CA) to the Trusted Root Certificate Authority certificate store on the local machine (not on the user store) - not recommended.




Pulseway Support

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