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disk space reports


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not sure where to post this question, so gone for general. 


is there a way, or should i create a feature request, to create a disk space report (say a graph) to show disk space usage over a period of time, i know i can create a number of notifications, with priority getting higher and higher as the space gets lower and lower to see that the space on a selected disk is getting low, but would be nice to create a graph so we can predict when the disk is due to run out?


thanks in advance



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  • Staff

Hi Serge,


Pulseway doesn't store historical information at this moment but this is on our internal roadmap. Unfortunately we can't provide an ETA just yet.




Pulseway Support

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I will start by saying thanks for a great piece of software. I have used Pulseway/PC Monitor for about 2 years now.

I monitor about 10-15 surveillance servers and pings around 100-120 cameras and monitor about 30 Remote TCP Ports for connectivity issues.

Sometimes I get a lot of ping errors from different camera, and that's fine, but when I need to troubleshoot, it would be very nice with a historical graph. Sometimes I need to convince a customer that his network is unstable and a historical graph showing 24 or 48 hours would make it so much easier.

As I see it, the function is already active but shows only 1 minute or.?

Keep up the good work..

- Lasse

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