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I'm developing a plugin to monitor a row amount in a sql server table. If it's above a certain amount I need to have a warning. 


To build a good application I want to configure the connectionstring and certain other values through a configuration screen. I'm able to popup the screen add a text box and close it. What I'm looking for is a small example on how to use the SetRegistryValue and the GetValueForKey in the form.


Can anybody help me?

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Hi there,


Check out the source of the Vembu StoreGrid plugin here: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/301-vembu-storegrid-plugin-12/ and look for the Configuration.cs file in the source for an example on how to use it.


Btw, you can already monitor row amount of any SQL Server query (or the result itself too) with Pulseway's SQL Server module. Configure them from Pulseway Manager -> Notifications -> Server Modules -> SQL Server -> Queries.


Good luck on your plugin,


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