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Windows Server 2003 - Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority error

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We have recently upgraded the SSL certificates on our servers to SHA-2 256 and this might cause a connectivity issue for some Windows 2003 servers.


To resolve this issue please install the following hotfix (you will need a Microsoft account):




You can also download the hotfix for the (English only) directly here:


Windows Server 2003 (x86, English)



Windows Server 2003 (x64, English)



Windows XP (x86, English)


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I am experiencing the same problem with Windows Server 2003 even after running the hotfix, restarting, disabling the Windows Firewall & Symantec Endpoint Protection.  Our other four Windows 2003 servers on the same LAN are all connecting normally as well as two more servers at Rackspace. What more can I do to remedy this issue?

Thank you.

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It is such a common problem that almost happens with all the users of Windows Server 2003. Here users can't able to establish a believable relationship for the SSL/TLS to secure channel with authority error. You may take other specification from  Gmail support number that definitely useful to you.



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