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Could not establish trust relationship


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We monitor 29 Windows servers and recently 3 of them won't connect anymore. When I try and validate account I get an error "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority" I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. All other server work fine. Any help would be appreciated.





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Welcome to the Pulseway community. We offer premium support for all Pulseway users.


If you are using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 you need to install this hotfix and restart the operating system to fix the SSL trust problem. Click here for more information about this known bug.




Pulseway Team

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Hi nrausch,

Please try to open the Pulseway WebApp on this system using the Internet Explorer. It is possible that some of the root certificates are missing on this system and that is the reason why you are getting this error.

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