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Email from PCM can't be received

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I have sent an email to the support but I guess I will never get your answer, as the mail coming from PCM won't arrive anymore into my mailbox.


I'm using a Gmail domain account.


Last time I was also surprised that i couldnt get any email notification from your system,


Your emails are not in spam, i have added your support address to my contact list and i still can't get anything.


Would you please solve this issue.


Thank you very much in advance !

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You are right, we received your email and replied but I guess it never arrived.


We tested with a Gmail account and the delivery was successful. It looks like the emails are blocked if you have a domain account with them.

I would suggest using a different email address for now.


Also, please send me a PM if you would like to change the registered email address and disable the two-step authentication until the change goes through.




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