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  1. Marius, I have sent an email to the support but I guess I will never get your answer, as the mail coming from PCM won't arrive anymore into my mailbox. I'm using a Gmail domain account. Last time I was also surprised that i couldnt get any email notification from your system, Your emails are not in spam, i have added your support address to my contact list and i still can't get anything. Would you please solve this issue. Thank you very much in advance !
  2. Hi Marcus, Sorrry to be so late to answer, but it was a problem in my configuration I didnt check if the device had the authorisation. Thanks !
  3. Hi, Just installed and bought a 3 comp licence, and I have a quite disturbing issue. I cant see my system in web app or ios apps. I still can receive mail or push notifications, i can read reports, but system loos like to be invisible.... I had no issue installing pcmonitor on a fresh 8.1 pro win. No firewall or antivirus installed for testing and same result Validation of account is ok and service running without problem. Thanks for help guys
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