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Filter notifications via Groups on Mobile Devices


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My company manages several clients across several techs. 

Each tech needs to only see notifications for their client (clients are in their own Groups in PC Monitor) 

I know you can limit access to groups via Device but if you give a certain device no access to a group that device will still get notifications from the group. 


Is there a way of limiting notifications to only certain groups on the mobile app's? 




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I think you can only do this if you have an enterprise server and share your computers from one main account. When you share computers you get the option to select if you wish to get notifications.

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I thought this might have been the case. That's a real shame. PC Monitor is a great solution but in a multi client / multi tech situation is won't cut it I suppose. We wouldn't use quite the 100 licenses so it would be largely pointless getting the Enterprise solution. Thanks. 

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If you use the Enterprise Server you can create a monitoring account and multiple user accounts.


You can than "share" a subset of monitored systems (with or without notifications) with each user account.

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