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Mobile Device Monitoring


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Are there any plans to monitor mobile devices any the future?


I understand that this is actually a difficult task, especially for iOS (very limited capabilities). However certain features like request support,screen capture, chat, alerts, or monitoring processes would be useful on all platforms especially once integrated into the dashboard. Hardware information can also be sourced as well, remote control is obviously out of the question in some regards.



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The problem is that iOS doesn't allow to execute for long once it's in background. If another app requests memory there is a high chance that the application will get stopped making it hard to monitor.


Also having an agent in Android might consume a lot of battery which might not be a great idea too.


The features you indicated could work on demand. For instance you start PC Monitor and press the request support. While the app is running other devices should be able to see and check screens and processes of the source device. This approach would be less invasive for the client in my opinion.

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Nevertheless certain features such as request assistance, screen catch, discussion, notifications, or checking processes will be useful upon all platforms particularly once built-into the dial.

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