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Commands understanding

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when I use my ipod: whats the differnet for my PC between:


Shut Down


Power off









what is the meaning of:


exit maintenance mode? Is it the same as "reset button on PC"


Is there a reset function?

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Shutdown instructs the operating system to close all applications and shutdown.

Power Off kills the entire system (similar to cutting power to the machine). This operating may cause hardware damage.


Hibernate will instruct the operating system to save all RAM to the DISK and then power off.

Suspend saves the operating system current status and goes into low energy consumption mode but it doesn't power off the machine.


Enter / Exit maintenance mode controls the notification system. If maintenance mode is active that machine will not send any notifications until maintenance mode is disabled.


There is no reset function however you can send a Restart function which will properly shutdown and restart your operating system (and if configured will force the restart command, forcing all applications to close [loosing all unsaved data] but it guarantees that the machine will actually reboot).



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