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  1. We are currently moving to JumpCloud and would like it to deploy Pulseway as part of our deployment tasks. In JumpCloud, there is the ability to create and run commands on remote systems. I entered in the msiexec /i "URL_for_the_Installer" /qn for the Powershell line, but it doesn't appear to be working. It clears out in JumpCloud as successfully running, but that's all. What steps would be useful for troubleshooting this further?
  2. We reinstalled Pulseway on a re-imaged system and after the install we noticed issues. In the patch mgmt section, the status was "assign failed" in red. We rebooted the system and then the service was not starting. We checked the service, it was set to start automatically and in the event log it was generating this error: "Service cannot be started. The handle is invalid" We removed the system from Pulseway, uninstalled, and reinstalled. Service is starting normally, but still getting the same issue of the patch policy failing to assign. I tried moving the system to another group that did not have a patch policy at all and got the same result.
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