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  1. Hi Martin, Thanks for you're help, I'll be testing this to see what will happen and adjust where I need to. Although I'm not that good at scripting, this seems to be not that hard, I hope... Keep you posted!
  2. Hi all, Do anyone of you have a script to remove Solarwinds products? In our case, that should be the N-able Windows agent and Solarwinds MSP (SolarWinds MSP Cache Service, SolarWinds MSP Patch Management Engine, SolarWinds MSP RPC Server). Or have any experience removing it using automation? Thanks in advance!
  3. That looks like a great mock-up, although I'm not sure that information should be next to the computer name. But definitively somewhere in that block and searchable. So... +1 :). Got the same problem here, so it would help to see some more info when looking at machines.
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