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  1. Your UNC path may contain a space. Did you put quotes ( " ) around the UNC path? If not, try it like this "\\SERVERNAMER\Working Directory\Installer.MSI"
  2. Hi, It'd be really nice if we could get a reporting that shows the build number of the OS, instead of only having the version reported. Now you can't even see which systems are running "Windows 10 1909 (18363.476)". You only see "Windows 10 Pro".
  3. Thank you very much, this did the trick indeed!
  4. Pulseway doesn't seem to send the following script to create an INI file correctly to the target computer. The script runs fine on local Powershell, but it creates a setupconfig.ini file with text as a long string when run through Pulseway. $fqdn=(Get-WmiObject win32_computersystem).DNSHostName+"."+(Get-WmiObject win32_computersystem).Domain $fqdn=$fqdn.Substring($fqdn.IndexOf(".") + 1) $sysfolder="\\$env:computername\sysvol\$fqdn\policies\" $setupconfig="\\$env:computername\sysvol\$fqdn\policies\setupconfig.ini" $functiontext = @" [Setupconfig] auto=upgrade BitLocker=AlwaysSuspend Compat=IgnoreWarning Priority=Normal DynamicUpdate=Enable ShowOOBE=None Telemetry=Enable DiagnosticPrompt=Enable "@ new-item $setupconfig -type file -force -value $functiontext Anything I need to change?
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