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  1. Very cool!!!!!!!!! Does the plugin allow the ability to email? Would be great to be able to drill down to a file and click the arroow in the far right corner to email the file name to someone requesting that they close the file....
  2. So using the unattended install option I could create an Install.com file which references the installation file with the swtches... Package it in an autoextracting zip and away we go... This may be possible with iexpress.exe which is built into windows.... Will try.
  3. hmm. That seems to be from 2006. Wondering if there have been significant changes since then...
  4. http://blogs.technet.com/b/askds/archive/2010/10/12/get-dfsrbacklog-powershell-script-available.aspx This could be a possible option used with the powershell plugin though this just shows the backlog count and getting the actual health status and backlog count would be better..
  5. I am creating Disaster Recovery DC/File Servers in the cloud for my customers and using DFSR to replicate the data there via Point to point VPN tunnels. Would be great to be able to monitor the health of DFSR and see the back logged files waiting to copy across.... Any chance this can be added to the Enterprise server?
  6. i have several techs who have pcmonitor on their phones and manage my customer systems. is there somewhere where i can see a log of what actions they are peforming from there phones etc. Ex. User initiated windows updates, User reset users password. User diabled account in domain. User stop and start service. This would be very important for an enterprise solution where multiple techs access the same systems and for audit....
  7. This might be an option. It has command line functionality. FTP also.... so you can test against multiple sources.... http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/download_speed_tester.html
  8. Would be great to be able to initiate a speed test on a clients machine to see if there is a speed issue. Open client machine. initiate speed test to speedtest.net and see the results in the phone for the test fom the client machine. If the speed is below an expected level it could generate an alarm.... I know that Ookla allows you to create your own speedtest using a stand alone app which you install on a server and it uses .net. http://www.speedtest.net/mini.php
  9. But knowing the username and password would allow them to log into the web client correct?
  10. Best would be if you could give it to an end user who just needs to run and install. No options. So even the most tech challenged could do it. That way it would be very easy to distribute.
  11. Would love to have the ability to send the customer an executable which auto populates the username/password, enterprise server address and pre populates the config with specific monitoring information.
  12. Another great thing to be able to see is the bandwidth used for a backup. Have had times where people complain about slow internet connection and seeing the realtime utilization similar to the network interface traffic. Ability to throttle the connection down. Though I bet this will require API improvements by Vembu.
  13. Ability add multiple IP's for wake on lan. List IP's and or names with ability to selectively choose WOL for individual machines or ability to select all at once.
  14. I don't think that Vembu includes it though having that as an option in the API from pcmonitor would be great! I think you need to use the encryption key to delete a backup as that is what I recall from the GUI but not sure about here. I will have to test with something as all jobs I have are production. Thanks
  15. Fantastic! Thank you very much. Some feedback. Under customer details for a customer. Backup space alloted and used not accurate. Ex: Backup space used listed in plugin is 208674807 megabytes. In Storegrid Server it shows for the same customer: 398.02 GB or 407572.48 Mb In order to delete client backup. Need to enter 4 digit security code... (Not sure if this is possible based on Plugin API design.) Great job though and I look forward to seeing where this goes as Vembu has definitely showed much interest in this now.
  16. Hi Paul, Thank you very much for this. Vembu has now shown a very strong interest in this. I really appreciate you doing this.
  17. Fantastic! Thank you. Now how do I configure? I have yet to use a plugin.
  18. This is something I have been very interested in. Often I have wanted to be able to add new users without having to log into a server to do so. Is the idea behind this to run scipts which are predesigned? Is there also the possibility to be prompted for variables like First Name, Last Name, username..Password...etc to be able to generate accounts and mailboxes in windows?
  19. Message I have sent to Lenin in regards to the Storegrid Client API. Would like to see the following. It would be nice to find out which aspects of the API are needed for this. List of jobs on Storegrid Client Status of Jobs on Storegrid Client Ability to start, stop, pause jobs on Storegrid Client Ability to see results of last job run on Storegrid Client Report results of last run job with the message on Storegrid Client See storage status limit in case client is running low on space on Storegrid Client Alerting can be done in several ways as I also understand that Vembu does create event logs…. Not sure if getting that info from the Storegrid client through the API would be better for alarms for all items mentioned above…. Any other items which you can think of…..
  20. Hi Paul, It looks like I am getting some traction with Vembu about the API integration. Please reach out to Lenin. I have set him up with 5 seats on my server for testing. He is going to help with getting assistance from them. lenin@vembu.com Assistant Director - Business Development
  21. List resellers seems like it would be for the primary backup server and not the client machines... I will contact Vembu as this is great for the primary server but not for client machines with the application installed. I will update asap. Thanks, Mark
  22. Yes. As simple as mobilepcmonitor looks. It can become quite complex in what it is capable of doing!!!! I also recommend spending some time playing with the performance counters...
  23. Thank you very much! Let me know your email address and I can send you something via paypal! It is the least I can do!
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