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  1. Hi I want to inform that after the upgrade to the version 3.1 the program it's working fine with the mobile network (3G) and wifi I also did a upgrade to my tablet to the Android version 4.0.3 and all it's working like a charm :-) Regards! Hector
  2. Hi I have upgraded the version of PCM in my tablet to 3.0 Now when I start the application I get the following message: java.lang.NullPointerException With wifi works without problems Regards, Hector
  3. Hi I did that, but I get the same message. I did also a reset to factory defaults to my tablet and I installed PCM again. Regards, Hector
  4. Hi When I start the application I get "Loading monitored computers..." and then "data not available" I get the same message in the computers lists, groups and notifications screen The version of PCM in my tablet is 2.9 (build 120331) Thanks in advance! Regards Hector
  5. Hi In my Lenovo Thinkpad tablet I get "Data not available" when I access the application with the mobile network (3G). With wifi works fine. The tablet is running android 3.1 Which other information do you need to troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance! Regards Hector
  6. Hi Some antivirus programs write an event, so you can try to find something in the event viewer and add a rule in PC Monitor to send an alert. Regards!
  7. Hi The instructions applies also to Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 After the installation of .net framework 4 you can install PC Monitor msiexec /i PCMonitor_x64.msi after that, you can start c:\Program Files\PC Monitor>PCMonitorManager.exe and configure it as you will and start the service. Really nice! :-)
  8. Hi I have tested this plugin and works great! this is much better and faster than a user sends a sms or email Just a little thing I found: To send at message you say we need a minimum of 10 characters, but in fact we need to type 11 characters to send a message :-) I think this is the first step to begin with an incident/ticket support system that works with PCM Thank you!
  9. Hi It would be very usefull to have the feature add/delete users from AD Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi I read the roadmap (http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/15-roadmap/) and you plan to add the feature in the future releases. I tested from Android and it's works fine. By the way the product meets my requirements, but I am going to send a feature request for the AD Module, would be possible to add and delete users from AD in future releases? Thank you for your answer!
  11. Hi I am evaluating PCM for use in my organization and I am very impressed about the features that I find in this software. I got a15 days trial subscription, I have activated the AD module on the server, but I can't find the module in the phone (WindowsPhone HTC Titan). I have also activated the Hyper-V module and I can see the module in the phone. Thanks in advance! P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I can speak spanish and norwegian without problems :-)
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