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  1. Paul, Is this something that is going to be added in the near future? Will M
  2. Chris/Gary, Once I validated an account on one of our servers that wasn't an administrator account, the server's status on the dashboard changed from online to offline, even though it is still online and i am remotely connected to it. We haven't had this issue before, so I would assume it has something to do with the account validation. When I went back and validated the admin account again on the server, it created a second entry in the dashboard (now we have 2 of the same server, one of which says it is offline and the other says online). As i am typing this another entry appeared on the dashboard. We have 3 of the same server on the dashboard now. How come one has a "Wake up" command on the web app, but the other doesn't?? Anyways, I just removed the offline servers and left the accurate (live) version.. Hopefully some of this info will be useful. Also, whenever a workstation is on a VPN (some of our devices at our office) it appears as offline and therefore isn't being monitored. Is there any fix for this? Thanks, Will
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