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  1. Hi, in the moment everything is in english. We use the Pulseway MSP edition, and out customers are not all very familiar with the english language. For this it would be great to have at least this part of your software translated into different languages. Thanks, Christian.
  2. Hi Chris, thank you for the hint, and yes this would work for things like 'Altaro', but not if I have one some letters, because some letters can be anywhere in any word, and it would generate a notification.
  3. Hi, it seems that the Notifications -> Event Log -> Event Log Filter is one of the usefullst things for me. Now I need to know, if I can use wildcards. For example: I use Altaro VM Backup for my backups. I searched with EventLogSourcesView for all possible sources on my system. In the moment I use this list: "Altaro Offsite Server, Altaro VM Backup, Altaro VM Backup Controller, Altaro VM Backup Engine, Altaro VM Backup Hyper-V Host Agent, Altaro.HyperV.WAN.RemoteService". It would be easier, if I could just say "Altaro*", but I don't know if this would work. Thanks Christian.
  4. Hi, with the DELL support I created the following solution: 1. I don't use SNMP. 2. The DELL OpenManage Server Administrator software needs to be installed and konfigured. This software reports to the system log as 'Server Administrator'. 3. I made a simple Event log notification with this informations. See to work ;-) Thanks, Christian.
  5. Hi Paul, thanks, SNMP is what I try to use, but it is hard to understand the SNMP-System of PulseWay and to get the information of the hardware manufacturers. The newest Dell OpenManage MIBs for PowerEdge (v8.4) can be downloaded here: http://www.dell.com/support/home/at/de/atbsdt1/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=N57C4 BUT THIS IS HUGE!!! I could not find a way to import this stuff to PulseWay? So I tried to enter it manually, but it is a hard work, and there is no test which can certifiy, that I entered the OID correctly. The next question is, how does the monitoring and the notification work? Do I need to configure notification? If yes, what are the values I need to search for? And what is with hardware where I don't get SNMP-Informations (MIB files)? Thanks, Christian. P.S. I understand that it is nearly impossible to support every hardware on the world. But DELL is one of the big players!
  6. Hi Paul, Actually I have the following servers: 1. DELL PowerEdge R330 2. No Brand with Fujitsu mainboard and an MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i 3. No Brand with an MSI MS-7816 motherboard an the on-board Intel RAID. Thanks, Christian.
  7. @ComputerConsuling: Thank you, I am also testing Labtech, but it seems to be a huge and confusing thing.
  8. Hi, I trie to optimize the monitoring of my DELLL PowerEdge R330. Is there someone out there who did this already? Is it better to use SNMP, or should I use the event log? Did you use the OMSA or the iDRAC? Thanks, Christian.
  9. Hi Paul, I want to know if the harddisk is ok or if it has any failures, especially for RAID. I got to know if the disks are there and ok. Thanks, Christian.
  10. Hi, it seems that Pulseway has some troubles monitoring a simple harddisk (or solid state disk). Are there any solutions? Thanks, Christian.
  11. Hi, I use Pulseway Professional for our own computers. Now I think to change to the MSP Edition and offer the RMM service to some of our customers. I want to ask the people here to share some Pulseway expieriences/impressions with me, to be sure to don't miss anything when making this decission. I really like pulseway, but I know for example that the monitoring of RAID or simple HDD/SSD is not that easy... Thanks for every useful post. Christian.
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