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    This is not 2FA

    Thanks for the update, Paul. I frequently access my account in a location with poor connectivity for my iPhone - cellular or Wi-Fi. Desktop PCs, which are hardwired, work fine. As such, using an authenticator app, of which there are many options, would greatly minimize the headache. My personal choice is Authy, since it enables backup and sync across devices.
  2. VirtualPanther

    Remote Desktop - on iOS

    Look forward to it. Thank you for the update.
  3. VirtualPanther

    Remote Desktop - on iOS

    Greetings, I was wondering if there are plans to add remote desktop capability to mobile clients, specifically, to iOS. I am looking forward not having to use overlapping services. However, current implementation still leaves me needing Logmein or TeamViewer...
  4. VirtualPanther

    This is not 2FA

    Over a year has gone by. Any news on bringing 2FA up to industry standard? Email verification isn't 2FA...