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  1. Hi Paul, I didn't work that much with powershell. In Pulseway I found the way how to impersonate but if I fill in my credentials from Windows it doesn't work. Do I need to configure this in powershell also or is that not necessary? - Danny Agrippa
  2. Hi All, When a proces has been killed or not responding. I want to restart it with a script. Example: Icloud program stopped working (Proces named: icloud.exe) located C:\Program Files\Icloud\Icloud.exe. Now i make a script : "C:\Program Files\Icloud\Icloud.exe" If i run that script on the system it doesnt start icloud again. Is my script incorrect? Pulseway notify's me it was done succesfully but it didn't start. (Took 2 seconds) I also tested this with notepad: C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe also this one didnt start up. Ill hope you guys can tell me what i'm doing wrong. Kind Regards, Danny
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