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  1. Hi Pulseway members, After deploying the Chocolatey Package manager on an endpoint via the CLI, a new shell session is required in order to actually run chocolately commands... How can I ask the Pulseway agent to connect to a new CLI session? Thanks,
  2. Xero integration would help me out a lot, too. Currently I have a recurring monthly invoice set up for each RMM client in Xero, which I then need to manually edit each time I carry out work for that client and then reset the invoice each month. Would reduce my workload heaps if Pulseway added lines to the invoice for every resolved service ticket. Cheers,
  3. Hi Paul, does the Pulseway service need to be restarted after disabling the connection request pop-up? Thanks,
  4. Hi guys, I'm getting a "User impersonation returned error 1326" whilst attempting to run PowerShell commands on a several Win10 machines. Now, I know I've tested the PowerShell impersonation on these machines when they were deployed, so it's not a credentials problem. Have searched the forums but can't see a solution. Thanks,
  5. Hi guys, having issues with a few Windows 7/10 clients using the Pulseway Remote Desktop feature. Basically, the user allows the connection but I get a message at my end saying that the agent has denied the connection request... So, I then have to revert back to using TeamViewer. Is this something I have not configured properly in Pulseway Manager? Thanks,
  6. Windows will sometimes refuse to start non-critical services on boot (eg. Pulseway), when resources are low. I've noticed a few Win7 machines have run for weeks without Pulseway being allowed to start. As the powershell cmdlet "Set-Service –Name –Computer -StartupType" doesn't seem to allow delayed-start, I'm using this script as a work-around. You'll need to manually stop the service before running this script and then manually re-start it afterwards. I have NOT thoroughly tested this script and I take no credit or responsibility for it - it is something that I poached and re-factored and I'm not experienced in PowerShell. Regards, Delay PC Monitor service start.ps1
  7. I'm running a mobile call-out service to residential clients at the moment. I'm wasting a lot of time on-site purely because clients lose their login credentials for their OS, router, email, iCloud account etc. Whilst I carry a job sheet and generally try to record these credentials, it would be so much more effective if I could have it all in the cloud and be able to access login details on the go. I'll be looking into a cost-effective cloud solution with sufficient security (eg. RepairShopr) but is it something that could be easily built into Pulseway? Regards, David.
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    Hi, Just wondering if this character limit has been or will be updated? Regards.
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