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  1. It was suggested to us to modify the computer-name of the windows server to include the domain suffix Advanced System Settings -> Computer Name -> Change -> More -> Primary DNS Suffix of computer -> our-fqdn.com which rebooted the server (thanks Windows!) but on re-try the server still HELO-ed with just the local part (PULSEWAY) Anyone else run into something like this?
  2. We run Pulseway on premise (on a windows server) and are trying to sort out routing email notifications to a mail-gateway that we manage. This mail-gateway complains that Pulseway is not using an FQDN when it makes its HELO (see attachment). Is there anyway to configure Pulseway to use a FQDN?
  3. We received (see below) the following from one of our agents (followed up by a similar 1 new application has been uninstalled with the same lack of details). Our client claims they ran an regular monthly update for a database application on that server, but this is the first time I've seen this kind of alert from Pulseway. I've looked at the event logs for the time period when the alerts came out & I'm not seeing anything particular. The only thing recently (5/18) installed the Shopping App by Ask (which I'm not particularly excited about). Anyone else ever run into this kind of thing? -- Hi Engineering, 1 new application has been installed on computer '****MachineNameRedacted****' in group '****GroupNameRedacted****' Application Name: Version: Unknown Publisher: Unknown Regards, Pulseway Server
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