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  1. Adobe has issued a security update for Flash Player 15 ActiveX. It updates from version to version It is immediately obvious for the apps, which version is installed. On the report, however, it only reports Adobe Flash Player 15 ActiveX. I do not know of any other applications where this is an issue, but it makes checking the Flash update a much longer process for me.

  2. The keyboard is still working perfectly. Thanks.


    I am, however, having troubling logging in remotely to a Vista 32 bit machine. I connect to the login session, click on Send Commands, but Ctrl+Alt+Delete is greyed out. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the issue.



  3. I receive the following error from a system with a 54 GB hard disk with 9.96 GB free set to alert via group policy when the system partition has less than 10.0%.


    "The free space on system disk drive C: on the computer X in group Y is below 10% (9.96 GB% free of 53.81 GB%)"


    Just thought you would want to know.

  4. This used to be a major issue for us as well. What we did to make things manageable is to have all alerts go to e-mail. As you have probably guessed, from there we are able to apply rules. Specifically, we move any update messages to a folder that does not trigger an alert. (Missing an update isn't anywhere near as urgent as overheating or low disk space.) We can then either check that folder or the app, which we would expect to have a lot of update alerts. "Important" alerts are still sent to the inbox so they are not missed amongst the update alerts.


    I agree it would be nice to have the update alert only trigger after X number of days. Even better yet, a (separate) alert for a failed update. (This is what I am really interested in.)


    I hope that is helpful.



  5. I tried to replicate this issue with various operating system configurations, but I was unable to with any operating system. Everything appears to be working correctly on this great feature! I will update this post if the issue recurs.

  6. First off, I wanted to thank you for bringing the remote desktop feature to Pulseway. I can't wait to put it to work to my job much easier!


    I just wanted to let you know about this issue in case it is only my setup. The remote connection works great except that my keyboard doesn't work. If this is a known issue, I will patiently wait for the next release. If not, I would be more than willing to assist in any troubleshooting.


    Thanks for a great product!



  7. This is more of an oddity than anything else, but it appears the group notification counter on the Windows 8 App doesn't work. One group shows six notifications on the group screen, but counting manually from the computers I only count five. A number of other groups show four, but a manual count only shows two. The overall notification count is correct. I checked Windows Phone and iOS and neither of these seem to have the issue. Just thought I would let you know.

  8. I need to keep the notification on all computers so I know the update command was effective. This month I think I am going to try removing the notification from all computers via group policy on Tuesday morning, then reapplying it Wednesday or Thursday. I was just interested if anyone had other suggestions.

  9. I was just wondering how other people deal with the second Tuesday of the month. I am currently monitoring almost 200 Windows systems with "Send notification when critical or important updates are available" enabled. This means every second Tuesday I get about 200 notifications! Overall, I like receiving these notifications, but it can be a little overwhelming when Microsoft releases updates!


    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  10. I would like to use the "request support" feature that was added to PC Monitor on some end user systems, but the icon is set to Only show notifications. Can you change the default behavior for the icon to Show icon and notifications? If not, does anyone have any ideas on how to make this easier for an end user to find?


    Thanks for your assistance.

  11. The report feature is very useful, but it would be more useful (at least for me) if it could be broken up by group. Ideally, I would like to be able to run the report only on computers in a certain group i.e. run installed software report on the "Web Servers" group. Less ideal, but still usable, would be to sort the software report by group and computer instead of by software. I understand the usefulness of doing it the current way for licensing, etc.


    Maybe there is a way to do this right now that I am missing. If there is please let me know.


    Thank you for your consideration.



  12. Also please let me know if your antivirus solution works with this plugin so I can add to the tested products list.

    Thanks for using my plugin!

    I have tested this with Avast! Pro, and it works great. Thanks for a great plugin! I will let you know as I try other products.

  13. The touch interface on the phone apps is great, however when using the web application on a multi-touch computer it is very difficult to scroll both through the computers and on the computer details screen. Would it be possible to have this scroll like the mobile platform apps? If not, maybe a little bit wider scroll bar would help. I just think it would be nice to be able to use this on touch-enabled computers. Thanks for your consideration.

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