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    Might this help. Sorry my German is no good and haven't put it through Google translate http://mycloudrevolution.com/2016/02/29/prtg-veeam-br-monitoring/
  2. Hi Chris, We would be keen to see this feature also. As of now we have alerts that ram/processor usage was high at a point in time but that is no longer the case. If there was an option to auto clear alerts that would be great. Shane
  3. Hi CHris and Paul, Thanks for the support. Our firewall team finally made the changes outlined above - direct access to slv.pulseway.com slv2.pulseway.com and it is working a treat. Happy for this to get locked.
  4. Hi Chris, Thanks yet again. Still no success. I have made contact with Paul and will work it out with him. Will update this when I find out what was wrong. Shane
  5. Hi Chris We bypassed proxy and firewalls for the above and still get errors such as Module StorageCraft Cannot be downloaded right now. The error was: Cannot find the latest version for StorageCraft Server module Would the fact we are still on a trial license have anything to do with this? Regards, Shane
  6. We are trialling on premise enterprise version. Is there any way we can have a custom email/push notification template at each site that includes the GROUP or Server name so we can feed it into our service desk and assign it to the correct technician?
  7. Hi Chris, The above posts can be deleted. We are now publishing pulseway enterprise without UAG and are still behind a zscaler proxy. Pulseway is working in all aspects except for the following: * Update check from Pulseway server fails * No additional modules will download * Refresh server license - "Something went wrong - unable to connect to remote server" We have proxy authentication and ssl scanning turned off for this particular server based on ip address of the server. Shane
  8. Seems to be getting stuck in our UAG gateway...any guidance?
  9. Hi, Currently on a trial on premise installation. Attempting to download additional module e.g SQL results in a failure error 302 found. We are behind a proxy server but the pulseway server is configured to use the proxy. Regards, Shane
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    Hi Chris, Any update on this? Not sure if the below links are any help. http://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/80/hyperv/general_snmp_options.html http://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/80/powershell/index.html?getting_started.html Shane
  11. Would love to see this. Synology and Veeam are becoming our go to backup solution.
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    Great news, here's hoping!!
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    Agree with the above, job history and current progress would be great to begin with.
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    Hi, Any chance of getting Veeam monitored? Regards, Shane
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