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  1. Thanks for the reply but I am using PC Monitors servers.
  2. GTDFW

    Notes in all Apps

    They are all Windows machines. Xp thru Server 2012
  3. GTDFW

    Notes in all Apps

    More testing, Seems to happen in Devices that already have a few lines of notes.
  4. GTDFW

    Notes in all Apps

    Yes I can click on the notes and it does open in notes view. I can hit enter on the keyboard to get to the next line but that is it. In some cases I can type two or three letters, but in most cases I cannot type anything. This seemed to start happening around the end of September.
  5. GTDFW

    Notes in all Apps

    I am not able to add to Notes in any of the apps. (Web, IOS)
  6. GTDFW

    Asset Info

    The new asset info is great, thanks and keep the great work.
  7. My vote is for ScreenConnect.
  8. GTDFW

    iOS update

    Just wanted to give praise. The iOS 7 update is awesome. Very nice to tie the look and feel into the iOS 7 style.
  9. Sorry, Had to do a reload for it to show up.
  10. Am I supposed to see a Windows Server Backups under Server Modules in the Apps (web, iPad, and iPhone)? The screen shots in the user manual show it listed but I an not seeing it under Server Modules on any Server. Am I missing something???
  11. I have installed the command line tools via the add features. And that is on the Server standard. Is it a different command line tools in R2?
  12. I am getting an error when I click Validate Requirements and Settings, under Monitor and Manage Windows Backups. The error is (Unsupported operating system version: 6.0.6002). The server is running Windows Server 2008 Standard Service Pack 2. I have tested this on three servers and get the same error. I have configured Power shell impersonation.
  13. We all have been there. The bottom line is you have to spend money to make money. The small cost of paying for the PC Monitor client will be greatly offset by how much work it can generate for you at your clients.
  14. GTDFW

    Email a file

    I cannot email a file. The systems say the file was sent, but i never receive it. I I go into the PC Monitor Manager and Send Test Email. I get the following message. See Screen Shot.
  15. I can configure my devices once they are installed, via the PC Monitor Dashboard.
  16. Is there any way to increase the session inactivity timeout on my.pulseway.com? If not, this may be a feature request for a future release.
  17. GTDFW

    Badges on iOS devices

    Thanks for the reply. Got it.
  18. If I have a notification alert (set to Push) , and go onto my iPhone to clear the alert. I still see the badge on my iPad even though it was cleared. When I go onto the app on my iPad the bade disappears. Should the bad on my iPad automatically go away when I clear it from my iPhone?
  19. I know, just wanted a report showing Device specs for a particular group to give to the customers. Showing their inventory.
  20. Are there any plans for an inventory report? (Device specs, software etc.) All devices By group By device
  21. I am new to PC Monitor, Love it. I would also like to see a difference between icons for Servers, Workstations (PC's) and Laptops. This would help out a lot. Also being able to add a group to a group. Example it I have a customer as a group XYZ Company, and within that group be abel to have a server and workstation group.
  22. I am new to PC Monitor. I have been testing the Windows update feature and noticed also that it would be a huge plus to have a notification after the updates install. A simple Reboot Required notification will do. +1 David
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