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  1. At previous RMM's we've utilized scripts to integrate ninite. We run the update switch to update all the appollications followed by the audit switch and write the results to a local text file. We then parse the file to verify that all third party applications are up to date triggering warnings and failed status's based on different logic, but to keep it simple let's say based on the count of the word "update" in the audit file, as this would mean that the applications have an update available. I can run the scripts using your scripting/automation engine, and i know scheduleing is coming soon so we can automate this, but I have not found a way to parse a text file from within the system and tie this to a status or notification. I've seen the ability to monitor a file for last change date etc. Maybe integrating a parser here would be useful to watch a file for key words, or maybe this would need to be a plug-in of some sort. Any guidance would be appreciated as text/log file parsing can be very useful. I have started looking at the older nine plug-in but we need some way to show in the portal a status/report/audit of the third party application updating to verify that it is indeed working. And obvioisly ninite is just one example where this would be useful so while this is the first instance I would like to tackle I'm hoping the solution would apply to many scenarios.
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