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  1. Basically I'm trying to make (for now) just a services viewer app! I have some success with: public override Groups GetAdditionalComputerDetails() { Groups container = new Groups(); // Group of "Group" types. Group mainGroup = new Group("Services"); // Group of "SimpleItem" / "CommandItem" / "PageItem" with the title Simple Plugin. ServiceController[] services = ServiceController.GetServices(); foreach (ServiceController service in services) { SimpleItem thisitem = new SimpleItem(service.DisplayName.ToString() + ":", service.Status.ToString()); mainGroup.Items.Add(thisitem); } container.Add(mainGroup); // Adding the mainGroup Group to Groups container. return container; // Returning our Groups container to Mobile PC Monitor. } However, this obviously fills the plugin section when viewing. I really cant work how to get a sub page! I have; title (Services) - [*]service 1 [*]service 2 [*]etc... I want; title (Servers) - one page (View/change services) - [*]service 1 [*]service 2 [*]etc... If anyone can help me understand, would be brilliant! Thanks, Ollie
  2. Hi Marius, Thanks for this, I have a lot on at work at the mo, but will email within the next week. Thanks again, Ollie
  3. Almost instantly updated status on website! Using avast! free on windows 7 enterprise 64bit Be good to add a tab to notifications and have the ability to set up notifications (if possible with plugins)! Thanks, Ollie
  4. Hi Johnni, Just done a post up on my blog about PC monitor and the plugin Link: http://diamag.net/20...ile-pc-monitor/ I've put my simple script examples up on that page too. Thanks, Ollie
  5. Hi all, Really liking this a lot! Definitely something I'm going to put forward at work (60/70+ servers). Obviously need a subscription to do screen view and probably going to get one for my home so I can test properly but in the mean time... so I can really sell it at work has anyone or can anyone point me in the right direction to set up and screenshots of screen view? As this would be a prime feature for what we're after! Also, like logmein is there the possibility to swap screens? We'll probably consider putting this app on a few PC's, most of which are dual/triple screens? Thanks, Ollie
  6. Hi Johnni, I thought that would be the reason! Yeah, I guessed that, could be a nice feature maybe? To have like 'Command' as an alternative to path, that would fire that in the host console? Very pleased with the results of the plugin so thank you, I've got three useful scripts on Windows Backup if anyone wants me to zip them up and post? Thanks, Ollie
  7. Hi all, After trying to get PC monitor to work with my SQL 2012 dev edition, it was a simple fix; Set the PC Monitor service to run as a user that has database permissions (I chose local server administrator) and choose "Use Windows Authentication". Otherwise just set a SQL user up with 'public' and 'sysadmin' server roles and put them in the authentication settings. Hope this helps someone! Thanks, Ollie EDIT: Also a small app dev thing; tabbing order is a bit strange on the SQL Server settings page!
  8. Hi all, Just set mobile pc monitor up on my home pc and server last night, defo something I will be putting forward at work as we're looking into a system management solution! Anyway, installed the plugin on my server, and pointed to some of my scripts already, works great! (got really confused at first 'cos it doesn't quite like "write-host" and some of my scripts had that in! I want to be able to run basic commands from the xml, like; "add-pssnapin windows.serverbackup;get-wbsummary" is this possible? Tried putting the above in path and I get an error: "The term 'add-ps....' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet,function..." Any thoughts? Thanks, Ollie
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