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  1. We added an extra check in PC Monitor for this kind of scenario and it will be available in the next release. The event watcher should be fired only when new events are written in the event log and not for the old ones. If this case does occur PC Monitor will compare the current system time with the event generated time. If there's a bigger of 5 minutes or more the event will be ignored.
  2. Thank you, we appreciate the support. To delete the computer start the PC Monitor Manager on any monitored computer. In the 'Account' tab click on 'Manage Registered Computers' button then select and remove the computer you no longer want to monitor. Another option is to simply swipe the computer in the computer list for iOS or long press on Android. A delete option will appear.
  3. The account you use must be assigned the management roles that allow Exchange to be managed.
  4. This is strange, PC Monitor listens to new events being written in the event log, it does not scan the event log. We will investigate this, thanks for letting us know.
  5. To connect to a remote Exchange 2010 server using the remote Shell, the user you connect as must be enabled for the remote Shell. This is enabled by default for the account used to install the first Exchange 2010 server in your organization. To perform administrative tasks on a remote Exchange 2010 server, the account you use must be assigned the management roles that allow that feature to be managed.
  6. 1. Only one 2. Remote is recommended if you don't install PC Monitor on one of the Exchange servers but on a different computer in the same domain. As well, in this case PC Monitor will take less memory so it's for performance too.
  7. We will add support for SMART in a future version.
  8. Not at the moment. You can use a distribution list email address if you want this to work at the moment.
  9. Thank you for your support and for the suggestions, we will add them in a future release.
  10. OK, thanks, live tiles will be added in a future release, we try to catch up with iOS and Android releases so first we want to add command prompt, AD and Exchange features. The next release will have the custom computer details features, printers and hopefully command prompt.
  11. It's a very interesting one to add, we will consider adding it. Thank you!
  12. Please send us an email with the account creation screen right before pressing the "Create" button. Thank you.
  13. You are welcome. In this case you can set a notification when the computer is offline (check the notifications tab in PC Monitor). Once set you will get a notification when the computer has not contacted our servers for more than 15 minutes.
  14. You can set the pc monitor agent on a computer to monitor port 80 for several addresses like www.yourdomain.com - then you will be alerted when the port is closed. As the mobile apps are send to the background when not active it's impossible to "proactively monitor" using them. The PC Monitor on the PC will do that and alert you using push notifications (and/or emails) on your mobile.
  15. You have restricted the devices that can send system commands for that computer and the device you are trying to use for the terminal is not on the list of authorized devices. Start PC Monitor on that computer, go to the Devices tab and review the settings.
  16. We hope to add this feature in the next release.
  17. You will be able to do this using the "Maintenance Mode" feature - it will allow you to set date/time intervals while the computer is in maintenance mode meaning no notifications will be sent while in that mode.
  18. Not 100% sure what are you trying to do, can you please explain in more details?
  19. 2.5 beta 5 adds support for time interval and day of week value conditions
  20. Thanks, both great ideas, we will implement them.
  21. The latest 2.5 beta 5 improves the event watch handling - this should fix the issue you are experiencing. Thanks Jeff for all your help.
  22. Please start PC Monitor app on the PC that appears offline and press "Validate Account". What is the message?
  23. We are working on it now but we won't make any estimates.
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