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  1. We have seen 2 cases so far where Windows 10 does not start any .NET based services - Pulseway is not the only one not being started in those cases. Please check the event log for the related warnings.

    While setting the service to Automatic (Delayed start) will fix the problem, hopefully a future Windows 10 patch will address this issue.

  2. Ah, I understand now.


    Pulseway assigns the name of the computer when you install it then allows you to overwrite that name and use any name you want. 

    From there on the name will change only when changed in the Pulseway manager.



  3. Free is not really a sustainable business model. Unless we start showing ads in the systems list and every time you view some computer details. Not very elegant or professional in my opinion. 

    Without the support from all the paying customers Pulseway would not have existed. 


    As for the pricing, if you look around you'll see $8-15 per server per month. We're $1.20 per server per month and we have also included one Remote Desktop concurrent connection in all the plans.

    The solution requires a lot of traffic, traffic that we must pay, we surely do not get it for free. Same goes for all the cloud servers we use to support the solution.


    Hope it makes some sense.



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